Weekly Fitness Reads: 4/25/16

Five myths about our habits

This one nails it. Our problems often aren’t what we think they are.

A Stanford professor says eliminating 2 phrases from your vocabulary can make you more successful

These things can be a bit corny, but what we say to ourselves does, in fact, matter. Like, a lot. Granted, a difference in self talk won’t necessarily change everything, but every piece of the puzzle is important.

Is it better to eat 5-6 small meals or a few big meals if I want to burn fat?

There are many great questions every human must face at some point in their lives: Why are we here? Why are people such raging dick-wads to each other? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

This post doesn’t deal with any of those. However, it does deal with a different important question: How many meals a day should we eat? The answer might surprise you. Oh god, did I just turn into an Upworthy article? WHAT HAVE I BECOME!?!?


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