Weekly Fitness Reads:2/2/16

Live from Kuala Lumpur I have another dose of Weekly Fitness Reads for you! This week yielded tons of amazing articles. It was tough deciding which ones to include here. Below are 3 of the most awesome articles I could find thoughout the vast landscape of the internet. Enjoy!

There’s more to health and wellness than veggies and barbells so this is important. Mental health has a huge stigma and it’s time we educate ourselves and develop some empathy. This is some pretty powerful stuff here and the author’s decision to be vulnerable is commendable.

On a lighter note, this is a great exercise. When I started lifting in college, 90% of my lifting was chest related. Oh, to be 19 again! Sadly, I never saw any improvement in my pecs. The dumbbell squeeze press, or hex press, is one of my favorites for getting a good mind-muscle connection and developing some pecs worthy of a magazine cover. My 2 cents is to do a few of these before your dumbbell or barbell bench press to light up your pecs like the Fourth of July.

If I had to guess, 90% of dieters(apparently I like this number today) sabotage their progress by overeating on weekends. This is how you break that cycle.


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